A-List Legal Services

Licensed & Bonded — Established in 1990

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About A-List Legal Services

A-List Legal Services is founded by Carolyn Grayber, based in Los Angeles.

Ms. Grayber is a native born Californian who resides in the Los Angeles area, by accident she was offered a paralegal position at Paramount Studios, whom an attorney saw potential in her drive and ambition as a businesswoman. She left the studio nest to expand her legal knowledge beyond contract law. She has worked for such firms as Lyon & Lyon, Latham & Watkins and Adams, Duque & Hazeltine.

Ironically, in 1990, by suggestion of an attorney, a comment was made to Carolyn with her general knowledge in family law, probate, corporate and litigation law, to offer a low cost legal service for the demanding market of consumers. With bankruptcies and divorces on the rise in 1990, well... let’s just say, Carolyn took the attorney up on it and the rest is history.

Carolyn has paid close attention to the voices of her clients over the years, and very close attention to the rising population and global warming. The launching of a new service approach for A-List Legal Services to provide legal needs to the clients which is accomplished by phone, email and fax was a success when this was put to the test. How about that... not losing time from your job, the price of gas, the stresses of ongoing LA or SF traffic (or traffic ALL OVER California) and best of all helping and protecting “Mother Earth” of her natural resources.

Carolyn Grayber is very attentive to your case, and very prompt, with a personal touch and interest in her clients. She is very personable and caring, and while working with you, makes you feel like she cares deeply about what she is doing for you and assures that you are well informed and that everything gets handled in the most expeditious manner possible. I can't speak highly enough about her service.

Shaina N, Killeen, TX